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AbleDocs Inc. Announces the Acquisition of Web Key IT

Posted by: Matisse Hamel-Nelis
on 12, Jul 2021
from Oakville, Ontario

AbleDocs Inc. the leading PDF accessibility product and service provider, and Web Key IT, a recognized leader in digital accessibility services, announce they're coming together to become global leaders in PDF accessibility products and services. 

Both companies’ founders and leadership teams could not be more excited to begin working together in an effort to attain global access to digital resources which meet the internationally recognized WCAG standard. The combination of AbleDocs and Web Key IT will widen the global presence of AbleDocs for products, services, solution development, training, and localized document accessibility support across 49 languages to ensure clients receive the best offerings possible.  

“The acquisition of Web Key IT represents a new chapter for both organizations as the opportunity to expand the reach of our world-class products and services to each corner of the globe,” said AbleDocs’ President (GLOBAL), Adam Spencer.  “The introduction of AbleDocs’ offerings to Australia and the rest of the Pacific Rim is an exciting new venture for all involved. To continue Vivienne’s commitment to excellence in web accessibility is a privilege, and we cannot thank her enough for the chance to continue with Web Key IT’s growth,” he added.   

“Web Key IT Pty Ltd is having its 10th birthday on July 1st, and we are excited to announce our merger with AbleDocs.  We see the acquisition of Web Key IT by AbleDocs as a very positive step towards our goal of making the world more accessible for people with disabilities and seniors.  Web Key IT has enjoyed a wonderful relationship with our customers and this will not be changing.  The range of services and support we offer will expand through the dynamics of a more global management team.  Our staff are still delighted to help our clients improve their digital accessibility, which now includes the synergy of the AbleDocs suite of products and services.  AbleDocs clients will benefit from the accessibility expertise of our staff including auditing digital material to the WCAG standards, providing training and consulting services and document remediation.  We believe that Adam and the AbleDocs team will both continue and expand the vision of Web Key IT and we are excited to be part of their team,” said Vivienne Conway, Founder and Director of Web Key IT.  

About Web Key IT

Web Key IT are digital accessibility specialists located in Perth, Western Australia and in Kuwait City, Kuwait (which services the Gulf Cooperation Council area).  Their aim is to assist organizations in ensuring that access to their digital resources meets the internationally recognized WCAG standard. 

Web Key IT provides accessibility consulting, technical assessment, user testing, auditing and accreditation, training, and remedial assistance, as well as remediation services for existing web-based documents, including PDF, and Microsoft documents to ensure accessibility. Web Key IT is also a proud and active full member of the W3C, one of a small group in Australia, that will expand its activity globally through its new acquisition by AbleDocs.  

About AbleDocs Inc.

AbleDocs was founded in 2019 as a conglomerate of PDF accessibility remediation service providers and has grown to have operations in Canada, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States. Its founders have been making documents accessible for over 150 years combined experience and has since expanded its offerings to include a completely new approach to document accessibility strategies to include products for high volume document accessibility, document accessibility testing.  

AbleDocs is the only company in the world to guarantee the compliance of every file they produce and back it with a $10,000,000 liability guarantee. Current offerings include ADService, ADGateway, ADScan, ADStream, ADLegacy, ADForms, axesWord and axesPDF. 

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AbleDocs is the only company in the world to guarantee the compliance of every document they produce and back it with a $10,000,000 liability guarantee. Current offerings include ADService, ADGateway, ADScan, ADStream, ADLegacy, ADForms, ADTraining, ADWeb, axesWord and axesPDF.