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Celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month with the Presidents Group

Posted by: Matisse Hamel-Nelis
on 04, Oct 2021
from Oakville, Ontario

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. At AbleDocs, we're proud to partner with the B.C.-based Presidents Group, a network of 25 change-driven BC business leaders who champion more accessible, inclusive workplaces.

As part of our partnership, AbleDocs works with the Presidents Group to ensure all of the content they produce is accessible.

"Accessibility comes in many forms," says Robin Silvester, co-chair, Presidents Group. "We're delighted to work with AbleDocs to ensure our files and documents are compliant with visual accessibility standards and compatible with screen readers every time. As industry leaders focused on accessibility, we are pleased to educate about and share accessibility techniques like this with our members and partners."

In addition to providing our services to the Presidents Group, we also offer webinars and assist in creating resources to help their members be even more accessible in the content they create.

"As we continue our partnership with Presidents Group and educating its constituents, we're also very committed to ensuring that all of the organization's content is accessible," says Adam Spencer, president and CEO of AbleDocs (GLOBAL). "These great organizations within the Presidents Group have already had accessibility. So it's a perfect fit for us to further that engagement with their members and help them continue on their pursuit for a genuinely accessible and inclusive workplace. We look forward to new and exciting programming and ensuring Presidents Groups documents are always accessible throughout 2022 and beyond."

To learn more about the Presidents Group, visit their website

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