Create better user engagement with your downloadable content

Create better user engagement with your downloadable content

There are millions upon millions of Canadians and Americans with a vast array of print disabilities who struggle to access, read, or interact with the downloadable content that is out there. This means: Your Public-Facing Content is Unreadable to over 3 Million Canadians.

Let us look at dyslexia, a learning difficulty that impairs a person’s ability to read and write.  A person who is dyslexic and engages with your downloadable content online, could experience some of the following:

  • Some letters may appear backwards or upside down
  • Might see text jump around on a page
  • Might not be able to tell the difference between letters that look similar in shape such as o, e, and c
  • Might not be able to tell the difference between letters that have similar shape but different orientation, such as b, p, d
    and q
  • The letters may seem jumbled and out of order
  • The letters and words might look bunched together or letters of some words might appear completely backwards, such as the word bird looking like drib
  • The text might look okay, but the dyslexic person might experience a severe headache or feel sick when they try to read
  • They might see the letters okay, but not be able to sound out words — that is, not be able to connect the letters to the sounds they make and understand them
  • They might be able to connect the letters and sound out words, but not recognize words he/she have seen before, no matter how many times they have seen them — each time they would have to start fresh.

There is of course a long list of other print disabilities that prevent users from engaging your downloadable content in a meaningful way including vision impairment or blindness, physical dexterity problems such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, arthritis or paralysis, brain injury or cognitive impairment, literacy difficulties, early dementia and more. This is where AbleDocs can help – we believe web content should be available for everyone.

Currently, there is millions of people who cannot engage with your online downloadable content, which could be problematic for you. However, with AbleDocs on your side, this could be easily managed. They will make it their top priority to ensure total compliance.

At AbleDocs, we make document accessibility fast, easy, secure, and cost effective. We are committed to being the champions of ad-hoc and high-volume document remediation while providing category leadership to push the industry forward. We continue to evolve our solutions through informed workflow and technological innovation with the goal of making the web accessible for everyone.

With best-in-class technology and deep category expertise, AbleDocs offers solutions that are compliant every single time.  We know how complicated being compliant can seem. We also know how to make it an easy and rewarding experience. AbleDocs has developed a best in class toolset to make document remediation attainable through a simple process that is compliant 100% of the time. With the highest security standards and deep category insight, we deliver on time and at a fair and competitive price.

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